Blue Flower



Seehofer against the refugee policy of Merkel


Merkel did not put Europe in distress




Merkel's refugee policy divides Europe


and Germany.


Are people blind to Merkel?


false contributions in refugee policy.


Merkel has disagreement in Europe


triggered, not the Seehofer.


Merkel has so much uncertainty in Germany


and Europe in people and politics for


Disruptions catered for like no politician




Merkel has no Europe with her refugees


wave in, overwhelm the countries and to


Demarcation to Germany with her Merkel


Refugee policy contributed like no politician


after 1945.


Merkel shared Europe, she has all the world


Invited and now wants to cheeky with other countries


negotiate - which she did not do before - who the


Round rings, invites the pays, is quite normal.



What Europe has negotiated in the matter refugees so far


have not been sure of the application.



Merkel and Co. has refugees and the real causes


secretive, why?


Politicians are completely inadequate for the loss


home and property received, refugees have,


had their possession, right to apartment, house,


Agriculture or farms and pension claims, therefore


nobody cares. The rulers of the expulsion laugh


still over other countries.


And more is lied. (Please read mine




Refugees, causes that are kept secret ...)


... although Lady Merkel should know, the number of refugees on our

Planets are about 60 million, already at 10 million she has mentally the


People and themselves lied to these refugees - all at first predominantly


without control, to storm the borders - to actually absorb them


their misjudgment rigidly pulled against all reason almost 2 years and


all the dark forces of the past are called out of the graves


Refugees should return to their homeland if possible


can return.

Eric Hoyer